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White-fronted Amazon
Sonora White-fronted Amazon
WFamazon.gif.JPG (13001 bytes) Generally green plumage washed with blue, particularly back and sides of nape; blue to crown extends to nape.

Size: Length 10 inches. They live in  northwest Mexico in Sinaloa, western Durango and southern Sonora..
They are a medium to noisy parrot, very active and like to chew. You should have a good supply of wood and toys handy. They maybe aggressive towards other species.

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cockatiel.jpg (5680 bytes) These little guys are probably the sweetest birds with the biggest heart. They make wonderful pets for all ages. Males are generally considered the talkers although females have been known to talk. They have been bred from the normal Grey cockatiel to mutations of all colors.
I started my breeding career breeding these little guys who have given me so many hours of pleasure. Contrary to common belief these guys should eat a variety of foods. Pellets, greens, vegetables and the famous Bobbi Brinker Birdie Bread. Too many of these birds are fed seed which is not a well rounded, healthy diet for them. With good diet and care they can live to be 20 years old or longer.
They come from Australia and are considered hook bill birds. The coloring is mostly grey with bright yellow faces and orange spots on their cheeks and "white racing stripes" on their wings.. They have a crest on top of their head that is about 10 feathers. Sometimes you can tell their mood from this as when they are happy the crest is up but scared the crest goes down.  Males generally have more yellow on the head then females but visually sexing cockatiels is not sure proof.
A Cockatiel needs companionship, although not as demanding as their larger cousins to keep them tame you should devote some time each day to them. They need a large enough cage to spread their wings and enjoy their play toys.
Females are generally more quiet then males and more mellow.
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