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The Scarlet Macaw
(Ara macao)

 This Beautiful, colorful parrot's face and plumage is bright red with a face mask that is awhitish skin face mask. It has no green color on the wings which the Green-wing Macaw has. The length can be as long as 36 inches for a larger bird.Sexing can not be done by appearance, although some think that the hen has a narrower head. It originates  in the rainforests of South America. They can be seen in the wild in the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Equador
These birds require a lot of attention. They can be trained to talk but do not mimic well. Scarlets need a large cage
due to their large size and tail. They are more intelligent then the other type of Macaws and require stimulating toys and experiences as pets.


This is Lincoln my pride and joy.
She has the prettiest colors and
feathers I have seen. 

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         The Blue and Gold

girls3.jpg (31452 bytes) The Blue and Gold is the best known of the Macaws. The black colored beak is different form the Scarlet's horn color. Although the size is about the same as the Scarlet the coloring is different in that the front body is yellow, with the entire rear including the head and wings being a green blue. The face has a whitish skin face mask. They reside in northern  and central america. Their intelligence, gentleness by nature and interactiveness as well as bonding to more then one member of a family make them an excellent choice for a pet.

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Don't we grow up to be pretty?

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