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                                                    Hi, We are two little girl Goffins 

Breeder of Moluccans, Umbrellas & Goffin's Cockatoos, Cockatiels and Blue and Gold, Green-wing, & Scarlet Maaws and White-fronted Amazons


  I have been breeding parrots and specializing in Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons, and Cockatiels  since  1987

   I have developed this web site in order to help you know my babies and  better  educate the     public in the care and understanding of these amazing , intelligent companions


  Please take a moment to see the picture show of my babies by clicking here


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                                        This "Parrot Talk Connection Seal of Approval" breeders share the
                                                following standards:



1) No sales of unweaned babies to pet owners
2) Babies are weaned to a varied pellet-based diet
3) The health of babies is guaranteed
4) Babies are completely weaned before they leave for their new homes.
5) Babies are fully fledged before the wing flights are trimmed. Flying produces a baby bird wtih coordination, self confidence, and grace.

                                                        The Pscittacine Award




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