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                                       If you want a shirt of Pooh (Umbrella Cockatoo which says I am having a bad feather day visit:

Just look at me strut my stuff. My name is Precious and my new Mommy and Daddy are Karen and Ed. 
They saw me at BCV and couldn't resist me.
This is how I started out looking Don't those spikes turn into pretty feathers?


Ok guys I am ready for take off!! Afraid? What does that word mean. Budda (CAG) knows I mean business.


Sam is a Mexican red-headed Amazon, aka green-cheeked Amazon - probably a male.
Sam was a gift from my brother in law he brought him to me about 3 weeks ago.  Our hopes are that he will be happy with me and perhaps make beautiful babies.
 Sam is about 29 yrs old, has lived with my bother-in-law for the past 15 years.  He is a lovely pet, doing well and seems happy.  He has learned to play since being here, something he did not do before


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