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Phares Aviaries

Specializing in breeding Moluccans,Umbrellas,Goffin's Cockatoos,Macaws, White-fronted Amazons and Cockatiels.

All through my earlier years, I never knew about "birds" as pets.  When my son became interested in a Baretta bird ( from the TV show ), a friend offered to let him know if one came into her store.  I happened to be out of town when they called, and returned to find the most adorable Goffin's Cockatoo set up in my den.  Naturally he was wild caught and was owned by an older lady who could not handle him.  Well, neither could we and after some nasty bites, I decided he needed a friend.  Hence, a bird breeding business is started.

This was in l987, in l990 our first baby was hatched in our living room.  This baby is still with us ( there is a rule you have to keep your first ) and is somewhat famous because most anyone that has talked to me will hear about Pooh, an Umbrella Cockatoo with PMS.

Since my employer could not understand my needing time off to care for our second and third clutches of Umbrella's I decided to stay home and try my hand at breeding.  I found that I had good instincts for handfeeding and weaning birds.  This has become my total interest since then. One that has been rewarding and keeps me sane.

After my first baby hatched I realized I needed to learn a lot more about parrots.  I read every book that was available, ordered new ones when they became available on the market, read Bird Talk cover to cover and Pet Bird Report.

I joined a great local Bird Club, Parrot Breeders Association of Virginia, where I met other local breeders and pet owners.  This was a great opportunity to learn from others and get good advice from other breeders that shared.

Since that time I have become the President of Parrot Breeders Association of Virginia.  With the help of many hard working people in the club we have donated from raffles, bird fairs, and other projects to many organizations that do research and rehab for the benefit of our birds.  PDD research is dear to our hearts and our club works hard to obtain funds for further research to eradicate this horrible disease.  Please take a moment to visit the PDD Wall page and give what you can to help eradicate this devastating disease.

My kids have taught me more about love and dedication then I ever could have imagined.  Watching a little one hatch and grow makes my heart so full.  When they leave for a new home I have made a new family friend.

My learning continues each day with the help of a great veterinarian, wonderful caring friends and what is now mushroomed into a house full of birds.  I am now able to share my experiences with others to help them and am always delighted when I can be of assistance to anyone that is owned by one of our wonderful companions.

We are a small breeding facility located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We take great pride in offering well socialized, healthy, happy baby Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazon parrots and cockatiels to our customers.  Our reputation has been built on fairness, honesty and respect for our customers and a deep abiding love for our feathered family members.  We look forward to providing you and your family a new member to your home that will bring you many years of pleasure and happiness, just as they have for us.  Please take time to look over the contents of our pages.  We hope you find them interesting, enjoyable and informative.

Without the constant help and support of my wonderful husband, Tarry, I could never have bred and cared for the birds as we have.  He has been a constant source of support and encouragement as well as a hard worker.

Please contact us with any questions or comments you may have by clicking on the mailbox below.

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*Note: All graphics on this website were created from photographs of my birds from Phares Aviaries and from favored friends that were kind enough to allow me to use theirs.  These webpages and the graphics contained herein are the sole property of Phares Aviaries and may not be sold or reproduced without prior permission.

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